Kids Self-Defense (Kids Krav Maga)

20140913_093924At first glance, Martial Arts may not appear to be a kid-friendly activity. However, training in Martial Arts has proven to be beneficial for even young children, helping them build a foundation for future success and happiness. Some of the benefits of this training will be the development of fitness, discipline, and self-defense.

With all of the online entertainment available for kids these days like video games and instant movies, there is an increased need for the encouragement of exercise as part of a child’s daily and weekly routine. Our Kids Self-defense program provides both physical and mental exercise as children learn different techniques to help improve their overall health and reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Our Kids Self-Defense program also strives to teach discipline to our students through positive reinforcement. This not only takes the form of the stick-to-itiveness involved in learning new self-defense techniques, but also the self-discipline required to not use their newly acquired skills to bully other children.

Another important benefit of our Kids Self-Defense program is that it teaches the students how to defend themselves in real-world situations which they are likely to experience at some point in life. These situations could be a bully in the schoolyard or an attacker on the street. They will be taught how to defend themselves against the most common attack scenarios (grabs, holds, and strikes) that they may encounter in the real world. As they have trained and rehearsed how to deal with these situations, they can react quickly and increase their chances of coming out of them unharmed. Our training does not encourage children to fight, but rather teaches them how to graciously avoid physical confrontation. If there is no other option but to defend themselves, they will be trained in how to effectively do so.

Our class are divided into age groups as follows.  We are happy to make adjustments as needed if your child is bigger or smaller than most their age:

  • 4-5 years old
  • 6-10 years old
  • Preteen

To save time before your first class, please print and fill out the form linked to below prior to your first class. Thanks!

Predator Kids Self-Defense Reg Form