Sean Camp, Adult Wrestling and Grappling

Sean Novice Naga Champ IISean Naga Novice Champ 2010Sean has a varied background involving both Wrestling and Karate, which made him a perfect fit for Smash MMA.  He excelled at wresting in high school while also broadening his skills in other grappling disciplines as well as Karate.  He is also the Verona Jr. Wrestling Recreation Coach.

Some of Sean’s accomplishments are listed below:

  • Rondout Valley High School
    • 3x County Finalist
    • County Champ
    • Section Finalist
  • Hunter College Division III
    • National Qualifier
    • First Academic All-American from Hunter College for Wrestling
  • Tiger Shuiman’s
    • Invitational Tournament Grappling Champion
    • Member of Tiger Shuiman’s Grappling Fight Team
  • Oyama Kyokishin Karate
    • Brown Belt
    • Multiple Kata and Kumite Championships
  • Naga
    • 2006 Silver Medalist, Jersey City
    • 2010 Gold Medalist, Newark
  • Verona Jr. Wrestling Recreation Coach
    • Junior Varsity 7 years
    • Varsity, League Finalists 3 x and winner 2x