Dean Galluccio, Krav Maga

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Boxing in RidgewoodTraining with the MasterSAMSUNGDean has been practicing Krav Maga since 2004 and has trained under Head Instructor Tony Racciatti of Krav Maga New Jersey, located in Ramsey NJ.  Dean has also trained with Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi, Master of the Krav Maga Federation, located in Manhattan.  Dean completed his Instructor’s Certification Course under Master Instructor Mizrachi in 2007. Dean has also attended numerous Krav Maga seminars with Haim Zut (Krav Maga Grandmaster of the Krav Maga Federation in Israel) and Master Rhon Mizrachi, during his years of training. At present, Head Instructor Tonay Racciatti has aligned himself with Grand Master Instructor Eyal Yanilov, Krav Maga Global. As a result, Dean continues his training by attending numerous seminars with Head Instructor Racciatti and Grand Master Instructor Eyal Yanilov.

Besides Krav Maga, Dean is also versed in many Martial Arts.  He has trained in Chinese Kempo, Shito Ryu Karate, and Wei Mei Kung Fu.  Dean utilizes this knowledge to add an extra twist to his Krav Maga curriculum, drawing relevant lessons and tactics from other disciplines.

Besides teaching Krav Maga, Dean is a retired detective, with the Essex County Sheriff’s Office, with 25 years of experience. As a detective, Dean has made several thousand arrest during his years of service, sometimes utilizing Krav Maga to stop the threat of violence being committed on victims, other police officers, and himself. As a result, Dean’s relentless attitude, determination, investigative skills, experience, and training has helped the citizens of Essex County live safer lives.

Dean is also qualified in Method of Instruction, Physical Fitness Training, and Defense Tactics, certified with the New Jersey State Police Training Commission.

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